Best Oyster Farms In Maine

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about oysters is their delicious flavor. They are briny, salty, meaty, sweet, and creamy all at once.

But what makes them so special? The answer lies in their history. In fact, they have been cultivated for over 4,000 years.

Oysters were one of the first kinds of seafood that people began cultivating, as early as 7,500 BC, and they’ve been a part of human culture since well before recorded history.

When people started cultivating them, they naturally had many different names associated with them depending on where they were grown. In Europe, they were called “mussels,” but in America, they were known as “oysters.”

Best Oyster Farms In Maine

In addition to being nutritious and delicious, oysters also provide us with plenty of benefits. For starters, they contain around 60% water along with trace amounts of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, iodine, calcium, and vitamin B12.

Maine has long been considered the epicenter of American oyster production. It was actually the very first state to cultivate these tasty bivalves, and it still leads the way in terms of both quantity and quality.

Today, there are more than 100 commercial oyster farms operating in the state, producing over 30 million pounds of product every year.

So, if you’re from Maine, and you want to find out more about some of the best oyster farms in the State, then keep on reading!

Mook Sea Farm Oyster Company

Mook Sea Farm Oyster Company is a well-known farm located in South Thomaston, Maine. This company produces approximately 1.5 million pounds of oysters per year, which is enough to supply nearly half of the United States’ demand for fresh oysters. 

Mook Sea Farm Oyster Co. prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. They do not use any harmful chemicals or antibiotics in their operations, and they recycle everything possible. Their oysters are harvested by hand using only natural methods, and they even grow their own seaweed to feed their oysters.

One of the most important things to know about Mook Sea Farm Oysters is that they are always available throughout the entire year. You can find their oysters at local grocery stores, restaurants, and farmer’s markets across New England.

Chebeague Island Oyster Company

Located on Chebeague Island off the coast of Lubec, Maine, Chebeague Island Oyster Co. is another great Maine-based oyster farm.

They produce about 2 million pounds of oysters each year, and they have been doing so for over 40 years. They also sell their products directly to consumers through retail outlets like Whole Foods Market.

Their oysters are harvested from the wild, and they don’t use any harmful chemicals or pesticides during their cultivation process. They’re also committed to sustainable practices, recycling all waste materials, and using environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Cape Elizabeth Oyster Farm

The Cape Elizabeth Oyster Farm is a family-owned business that was established back in 1975. They currently operate out of two locations: one in Cape Elizabeth and another in Scarborough.

These guys have been farming oysters for decades, and they’ve become quite successful at it. They produce between 3.5 and 4 million pounds of oysters annually, and they source them exclusively from the waters surrounding Maine.

They are also committed to sustainable practices. They use no harmful chemicals or antibiotics in the cultivation process, and they recycle all of their wastewater. They also grow their own seaweed as part of their diet, which helps keep their oysters healthy.

Pleasant Bay Oyster Farm

This is an extremely large operation with over 20 employees working full time. The Pleasant Bay Oyster Farm is located in Freeport, Maine, just north of Portland. They produce around 6 million pounds of oysters every year, and they do so without the use of harmful chemicals or antibiotics.

They harvest their oysters by hand, and they use only natural methods to ensure that their oysters remain safe and free of contaminants. They also grow their very own seaweed to feed the oysters, and they recycle everything they possibly can.

Lubec Bay Oyster Company

Lubec Bay is one of the oldest oyster farms in Maine, and it is located just outside Lubec. Lubec Bay Oyster Co. specializes in raising Pacific oysters. They harvest their oysters naturally, and they use no artificial fertilizers or pesticides in their operations.

Their goal is to provide their customers with the freshest, highest quality seafood possible. To accomplish this, they carefully monitor water conditions and temperature, to ensure that their oysters remain healthy.

They also make sure that their oysters are shipped quickly after being harvested so that they arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat.

Ferda Farms LLC Oyster Farm

Best Oyster Farms In Maine

Ferda Farms is an award-winning oyster farm located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Ferda Farms has grown into one of the leading producers of Atlantic Ocean oysters in the state of Maine.

This farm was founded in 1996 by two brothers named John and Paul Ferda. Since then, they have expanded their operation to include four different locations: Boothbay Harbor, Portland, Camden, and Bar Harbor. Each location offers a unique experience for visitors interested in learning about sustainable farming practices.

Each of these locations produces between 500,000 and 1,000,000 pounds of oysters annually. Their oysters are sold locally, regionally, and nationally. In addition to selling their own oysters, they also offer tours of their facilities to the public. Visitors can learn how their oysters are raised, processed, and packaged.

Glidden Point Oysters

Glidden Point Oyster Farm is a well-known oyster farm located on the coast of Maine. This company was established in 1992 by Jim and Mary Glidden. Today, they grow over 100 acres of oysters, and they process them into both raw and cooked forms.

They sell their oysters through local farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and restaurants. They also distribute their oysters throughout New England.

You can find Glidden Point oysters at many popular restaurants and bars around the country.

Nonesuch Oysters

Nonesuch Oysters is another well-known oyster farm located near Kennebunkport, Maine. Nonesuch Oysters was started in 1993 by a group of friends who wanted to raise oysters sustainably.

Today, they produce approximately 2 million pounds of oysters per year. They sell their oysters locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Nonesuch Oyster’s mission is to educate people about the importance of eating responsibly sourced seafood while providing a fun and memorable experience for all involved.

The New Meadows River

The New Meadows River Farm is a family-owned and operated oyster farm located on the Damariscotta River near Old Orchard Beach, Maine. This farm began operating in 2002, and it now produces over 30 million pounds of oysters per year. It is the largest oyster-producing facility in the United States.

New Meadows River Farm grows both Eastern and Western Oysters, and they grow them in both open-water and closed-containment systems. These oysters are harvested by hand, using natural techniques.

They sell their oysters to restaurants, distributors, and retailers throughout the country. They also host educational events such as “Oyster Days” where visitors can learn how to shuck and serve oysters.

Basket Island Oysters

Basket Island Oyster Company is a small family-owned and operated oyster farm located in South Thomaston, Maine. Basket Island Oysters was started in 1991 by a group of friends including Mike and Julie Kiely.

Today, they produce approximately 20 million pounds of oysters each year. They sell their products primarily to local restaurants and grocers. They also distribute their product throughout the Northeast.

Their goal is to teach others about the importance of eating sustainably sourced seafood, and they do so by offering free tastings of their oysters and educating guests on how to properly eat and enjoy them.

Best Oyster Farms In Maine

Emily’s Oyster Farm

Emily’s Oyster Company is an award-winning oyster farm that has been growing oysters since 1994. Emily’s Oyster Company is located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

This farm raises both Eastern and Western Oyster varieties. The farm uses natural methods to grow its oysters, and they harvest them by hand.

Emily’s Oysters are sold directly to customers from their own retail store, or they are distributed to restaurants, wholesalers, and retailers nationwide. Their marketing strategy includes distributing samples of their fresh oysters at local farmers’ markets and other community gatherings.

Love Point Oysters

Love Point Oysters is a family-owned and run oyster company based out of Rockland, Maine. Love Point Oysters was founded in 1996 by Brian and Mary Ann Leavitt. Today, they produce more than 100 million pounds of oysters annually.

Love Point Oyster Company grows both Eastern and Western oysters, and they grow both types in closed containment (CC) and open water (OW). These oysters are harvested using natural techniques and are then shipped to various outlets around the country.

In addition to selling their oysters to wholesale and retail customers, they also offer educational tours of their operation. They have hosted many different groups, including school field trips, and they also provide training programs for chefs and restaurant owners.

Cape Neddick Shellfish

Cape Neddick Shellfish is a shellfish farm located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Cape Neddick Shellfish was established in 1989 by Jim and Nancy McSweeney.

The farm produces over 40 million pounds of oysters, clams, mussels, and cockles each year. They use CC and OW production methods to grow their shellfish.

The farm sells their oysters, clams, and mussels to wholesalers and retailers all across the United States. In addition to selling their shellfish to consumers, they also host educational events such as “Shellfish 101” where visitors can learn about the proper way to handle, clean, and cook shellfish.

Flying Point Oyster Farm

Flying Point Oyster Company is a family-owned and operated oyster farm located in Camden, Maine. Flying Point Oysters was established in 1998 by Peter and Deborah O’Brien.

They currently raise two different species of oysters: Eastern and Western. Both types of oysters are grown using CC and OW production methods.

They sell their oysters to wholesalers and distributors throughout New England. In addition to selling oysters, they also host educational tours and cooking classes.

Dodge Cove

Dodge Cove is a small family-run oyster farm located in Kittery, Maine. It was started in 1995 by Mark and Susan Dodge.

They grow both Eastern and Western Oysters. Their oysters are grown using natural methods and are harvested by hand.

Their oysters are sold to restaurants and wholesalers as well as direct to the consumer. They also offer educational tours and cooking classes on how to properly prepare your own oysters.

Little Busters Oyster Co.

Little Busters is a family-owned and managed oyster farm located in Scarborough, Maine. Little Busters Oysters was founded in 2011 by Matt and Sarah Gagnon.

They currently raise five different species of oysters; Eastern, Pacific, Kumamoto, Olympia, and Manila. All of these oysters are grown using open water (OW) production methods.

All of their oysters are harvested by boat and then packed on ice before being shipped to restaurants and seafood markets nationwide.

Final Thoughts

Maine is home to some of the best oysters in the world. If you’re looking to visit an oyster farm that will give you the chance to sample some delicious oysters-whilst also offering a chance to learn more about sustainable seafood in a fun and informative way – look no further than Maine!