The 10 Best Oyster Stew Recipes

Oyster stew, much as the name suggests, is a stew soup made primarily out of oysters. It is well-loved by many people, although of course, taste is always up to personal preference.

The 10 Best Oyster Stew Recipes

It is especially popular in both the United States and The Gambia, although it is consumed all over the world.

It is sometimes considered to be quite a special meal and, for example, in southern states of the US, it is considered a Christmas Eve food! 

The thing with stews, including oyster stew, is that there are always many ways to go about making it. You can find all sorts of different recipes for oyster stew, all of them with special ingredients, or specific methods used. 

If you want to try and make some oyster stew yourself, and you’re looking for a good recipe, we’ve got you covered.

We have compiled a list of the 10 overall best oyster stew recipes that are some of our personal favorites. So you can browse through and pick the one that calls out to you the most! 

Does that sound good? Then let’s get right into it! 

Here are the 10 best oyster stew recipes: 

Oyster Stew Recipe – By Amy Johnson

First up we have this fantastic oyster stew recipe by Amy Johnson, from her blog “She Wears Many Hats”.

This particular recipe is designed to serve four people (although you can easily adapt the quantities). It takes 5 min of prep time and 25 min of cooking time, meaning you can have it done in half an hour. 

It is a very simple recipe and very easy to follow. Plus, Amy includes plenty of tips to help you along the way, so that you can get the best results possible! 

Oyster Stew Recipe – By Soup & Salad

The second oyster stew recipe on our list is this one by Soup & Salad, written by Robyn Stone. The recipe has many high ratings and is described as being fresh and well-loved by the entire family.

If you follow the exact quantities stated, you will end up with a stew able to serve four people (although this can be adapted). It takes 5 min of prep time and 30 min of cooking time.

The recipe, made with fresh ingredients, is incredibly easy to follow, and the result is truly delicious, so we highly recommend trying it out! 

Oyster Stew Recipe – By Elise Bauer

Next up we have this amazing oyster stew recipe by Elise Bauer, featured on her blog “Simply Recipes”. This one, in particular, makes use of jarred oysters, making it a lot more convenient and accessible, although you can also stick to fresh oysters! 

If you follow the quantities stated, you will have enough stew to serve between 4 to 6 people, although you can easily adapt this. Oh, and it will take around 10 min of prep time and 20 min of cooking time.

The recipe is well-written, with steps that are easy to follow. And it has been more than tested on friends and family of the author, who all agree that it is divine! 

Oyster Stew Recipe – By Buddy Sizemore

If you’re wanting to make an elegant-looking oyster stew that has a deeply satisfying flavor, look no further than this recipe by Buddy Sizemore, featured on “All Recipes”.

It looks and tastes amazing, and will serve up to 4 people (although you can easily change the quantities). It takes 15 min of prep time and 20 min of cooking time, so it can be done pretty easily in just over half an hour! 

The recipe comes with all of the necessary ingredients, as well as a step-by-step guide, and you will find full nutritional information right at the bottom in case it is needed. 

Oyster Stew Recipe – By Brenda Score

When oyster stew is done right, it is creamy and rich in flavor, which is what makes it such a luxurious yet simple option for festive occasions.

This recipe by Brenda Score, featured on “A Farmgirl’s Dabbles”, does just that. I serve around 6 people, although you can easily adapt the quantities. As for the time needed, it will take around 10 min of prep time and 25 min of cooking time. 

This recipe makes use of fresh oysters and it comes packed with all of the information you need, even going as far as answering common questions and providing all sorts of tips to help you along the way.

The 10 Best Oyster Stew Recipes

Virginia’s Oyster Stew Recipe – By Blair Lonergan

We mentioned that oyster stew is especially popular in the United States, so if you want a recipe that is specific to the state of Virginia, you need to check out this one by Blair Lonergan, featured on her blog “The Seasoned Mom”.

This recipe in particular serves four people, although you can easily alter the amounts when using the ingredients. It will take you around 5 min of prep time and 20 min of cooking time, so it can be done pretty fast! 

In Virginia, this stew is a popular Christmas Eve dish and Blair talks all about this, as well as giving you all sorts of information to help you perfect the results. 

Classic Oyster Stew With Fennel Recipe – By Daniel Gritzer

Oyster stew can be made in many different ways, with different recipes adding different special ingredients, and one classic version is the addition of fennel.

This works extremely well with the rich flavor of the oysters and makes for a delicious end result! If that’s something you want to try, then follow this recipe by Daniel Gritzer, featured on “serious eats”.

It will serve up to around four people (although you can change this) and it will take roughly 20 min to make in total, which is especially fast! 

Easy Oyster Stew Recipe – By Terri Wuerthner

Oyster stew can sound like a complicated dish, but this recipe breaks it down into very simple steps that are easy to follow.

The recipe is by Terri Wuerthner, featured on “the spruce eats”, and it serves up to around 6 people, although you can switch this up as needed. It should take you around 10 min of prep time and only 10 min of cooking time, which is pretty fast! 

This recipe also focuses on using the right types of spices, in order to best bring out that rich seafood flavor from the oysters and the results are truly delicious! 

Classic Creamy Oyster Stew Recipe – By Lana Stuart

If you’re looking for a classic and easy oyster stew recipe, we recommend this particular one by Lana Stuart, featured on her blog “Lana’s cooking”.

It will serve around four people, although you can adapt the quantities as needed, and should only take you around 15 min to make (5 min of prep and 10 min of cooking). The fastest recipe on this list! 

The recipe uses fresh oysters and it is absolutely perfect for warming yourself up on a cold evening, with a creamy consistency, and a rich flavor. 

Family Oyster Stew Recipe – By Sweet & Savory 

Last but not least on our list of favorites, we have this family oyster stew recipe by Sweet & Savory, written up by Shinee.

It can serve around four people, although you can switch this up as needed, and should take you around half an hour to complete (with 10 min of prep time and 20 min of cooking time). 

As the name suggests, it is an oyster stew that can be enjoyed by the entire family and the recipe is truly easy to follow! 

Final Thoughts

There are countless other oyster stew recipes that you can look up and follow, in order to have a go at making this delicious seafood dish.

However, the ones that we provided in our list are some of the best, with excellent ratings and reviews which prove that they help you achieve the best results. Go give a few of them a try and enjoy the oyster stew!