Best Oysters In Hilton Head

Searching for the best oysters in a city that you’re unfamiliar with can be a challenge. How do you even know where to start? With Hilton Head being positioned on the coast of South Carolina, it’s in the perfect place to take advantage of all the seafood that the ocean has to offer.

But you still need to find the restaurants that serve the best oysters in Hilton Head!

That’s where we come in. We’ve researched and reviewed more than 50 restaurants to find the best oysters on the menu. You can rest assured that all of these restaurants will have your shellfish cravings covered! Why not pay each of them a visit to sample the best of the best?

Best Oysters In Hilton Head

Let’s take a look at the best oysters in Hilton Head!

Best oysters in Hilton Head

Old Oyster Factory Restaurant

101 Marshland Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


The Old Oyster Factory restaurant should be your first stop on Hilton Head Island on your search for tasty oysters. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you sit down here and look at this tempting menu.

There are so many different options to choose from, both hot and cold. You’ll be able to taste the very finest oysters that Hilton Head has to offer here at the Old Oyster Factory restaurant.

The oyster bar offers you an impressive selection. Choose between 4 main types of oysters, as well as the featured oysters. You’ll have a choice between Single Lady, May River, Blue Point, and James River oysters, each with a different flavor profile to suit different palates.

There’s also a choice of the featured oysters of the day, which will be either East or West coast oysters depending on availability.

If you’re wanting to sample a range of shellfish, you can opt for the raw bar tower. This will give you 6 oysters, 6 mussels, 6 jumbo shrimp cocktails, snow crab, split lobster, and smoked salmon to try. Perfect if you want to try a variety of shellfish on your visit!

If you want to opt for the ultimate sophisticated dish, you should choose the oyster moscovite. This will give you James River oysters complete with caviar, smoked salmon, horseradish, and sour cream.

There’s also plenty of hot, cooked oysters for you to choose from, too. Why not opt for the mouthwatering baked oysters? There are 3 main dishes to choose from: creole, Lowcountry Rockefeller, and garlic parmesan.

Each dish makes use of the best ingredients to give the James River oysters that extra pizzazz that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for oysters as your main dish, then why not opt for one of the tasty sandwiches on offer? You can choose between a tempting oyster banh mi and the classic po’boy with fried oysters.

Or if you want to try a variety of the seafood on offer, why not try the fried seafood platter? This includes oysters, flounder, and shrimp, and is completed with French fries, and coleslaw.

No matter what type of oysters you’re looking for in Hilton Head, the OId Oyster Factory restaurant will be able to satisfy all of your shellfish cravings.

Hudson’s Seafood House On The Docks

1 Hudson Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


If you want to sample fresh, local oysters, then Hudson’s Seafood House On The Docks is the restaurant for you. This particular waterfront restaurant uses one of only two remaining local fishing fleets to bring you the flavors of the nearby waters.

o you can rest assured that you’re getting truly local seafood in this particular restaurant! This does of course mean that the seafood is seasonal, so you should check whether your favorite delicacies are in season.

The seasonal parts of the menu are where the freshest oysters are. There’s also plenty of choice, so the only trouble you’ll have in this restaurant is choosing which dish to go for! If you like your oysters steamed, then you can opt for the steamed local cluster oysters in the shell.

You can choose between a half bucket and a full bucket, depending on your appetite or whether you want to share! 

There’s also a steamed combo dish which will give you a variety of local cluster oysters, local littleneck clams, and local shell-on shrimp. This will be the perfect choice if you want to sample a variety of local shellfish.

Oysters are of course on the appetizer menu. Choose between oysters Hudson, oysters Rockefeller, and oysters on the half shell. These oysters can be chosen from the daily specials menu according to what’s in season, and are shucked to order.

Or if you can’t decide what to choose, go for the can’t decide sampler! This will give you a sample of oysters Hudson, oysters Rockefeller, beer-battered shrimp, mini crab cakes, and blackened scallops.

There is a range of great salads to choose from, which you can also add fried oysters to as an optional extra. Or you could opt for the fried oysters on their own, served with the classic hush puppies, vegetable side, and a choice between French fries, baked potato, or red rice.

This particular menu gives you plenty of options to choose from at Hudson’s Seafood House On The Docks!

Fishcamp on Broad Creek

11 Simmons Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


There’s something for everyone here at Fishcamp on Broad Creek. This particular restaurant aims to deliver you the finest local food, right from their oysters and seafood to their non-seafood items.

Fishcamp on Broad Creek will be the perfect place to take all of the family - even those fussy eaters who aren’t particularly fond of shellfish.

The range of oysters on offer here at Fishcamp on Broad Creek is impressive. You can choose between a range of oysters on the raw bar menu, or opt for something different on the main menu.

The chill bar offers you Blue Point and James River oysters. There’s also a choice of featured oysters, which varies daily due to seasonal supplies and demand.

If you want to fulfill your best oyster dreams, then you can opt for one of the tempting towers. The shellfish tower will give you a mixture of all the fresh oysters on offer as well as shrimp. The royal tower has a focus on several different shellfish to give you the ultimate dining experience.

Fancy some cooked oysters? Then you should opt for the southern fried oysters. These are accompanied by French fries and coleslaw, and will be the perfect pick for those who can’t eat raw oysters.

Scott’s Fish Market Restaurant and Bar

17 Harbourside Ln, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


Scott’s Fish Market restaurant and bar will be the perfect place to stop by for some tempting oysters. This particular restaurant is proud to serve you some of the freshest seafood around. The oysters on the menu are seasonal, so are available depending on local supply.

There is also a range of other great dishes on offer to suit all the family. This will be the perfect place to take the whole family - even the dog!

If you’re looking for a raw bar, then the lunch menu is the place to be. Oysters are served on the half shell as and when they are available. You can choose between ½ dozen or a dozen, depending on how much you fancy.

Staying for dinner? Then the starters will have all your oyster cravings covered. You can opt for the classic oysters on the half shell, or you can opt for the baked oysters.

These have been dressed with fresh spinach, three cheeses, and finished with a butter drizzle. Perfect for getting your meal started off right!

There are plenty of other fresh seafood options to choose from on the main menu, as well as a variety of other non-seafood dishes. There really is something for everyone here at Scott’s Fish Market Restaurant and Bar!

The Sandbar

101 Pope Ave, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


The Sandbar is the ideal place to go for fresh seafood. This restaurant pays particular attention to great hospitality to ensure that you enjoy a meal that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

This restaurant makes use of daily fresh seafood deliveries to give you the best ingredients possible.

There’s a whole section of their menu dedicated to oysters and shrimp. You can have the classic oysters on the half shell, which are freshly shucked in house. All freshly shucked oysters are accompanied with homemade cocktail sauce to give them that extra wow factor.

If you want to give your oysters that extra something, you can opt for the chargrilled oysters or oysters sandfeller.

In Summary

So there you have it! You’re now fully prepared to find the best oysters in Hilton Head in the restaurants we’ve reviewed in more detail above. Why not make a real trip of it and visit all 5 of them while you’re staying in Hilton Head?

No matter what type of oysters you’re hoping to find here in Hilton Head, the above restaurants will have all of your shellfish cravings covered.