Best Oysters In Savannah

Oysters taste best when they’re fresh. Savannah, Georgia, is located right on the coast, meaning a seemingly endless supply of fresh, tasty oysters.

There’s a lot of strong restaurant competition when it comes to seafood. It seems that everywhere you turn, you’re greeted by another seafood restaurant that will be able to satisfy your shellfish cravings.

Best Oysters In Savannah

But where exactly can you go to find the best oysters in Savannah?

We’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve researched and reviewed all of the top seafood restaurants in Savannah to find the best oysters around.

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to eat the tastiest oysters around if you go to one of these seafood restaurants.

Best oysters in Savannah

Sorry Charlie's Oyster Bar

116 West Congress St, Savannah, Georgia 31401

The Sorry Charlie’s oyster bar is considered to be the premier oyster bar in Savannah, Georgia.

This oyster bar will serve you the finest cuisine that the coast has to offer, including seafood that has been caught locally. 

Their menu has a heavy emphasis on southern regional flavors, and is packed full of fresh seafood, including oysters.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to oysters. You can enjoy Sorry Charlie’s oysters both raw and cooked. The price of the raw oysters will vary daily, as they are determined by the availability.

This tends to reflect the market price of the oysters, which are sourced locally as well as from across North America. 

This is another perfect indicator that you’ll be able to enjoy fresh oysters year round!

These raw oysters are served on the half-shell, and are combined with Sorry Charlie’s hot sauce, house cocktail sauce, and mignonette.

There are three other main flavors that Sorry Charlie’s uses with their roasted oysters. These include butter garlic and parmesan, Rockefeller, and casino.

There will be something here for everyone, regardless of whether you like your oysters mild or with little extra spice.

All in all, if you love fresh, tasty oysters, then Sorry Charlie’s oyster bar is where you need to be.

There is also a range of other main meals and side dishes to help you satisfy all of your seafood cravings. 

Why not pay Sorry Charlie’s a visit and tuck into a feast of fresh oysters and other seafood?

Bernie's Oyster House Tybee Island

13 Tybrisa St, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328

The Bernie’s Oyster House located on Tybee Island is another great place to go for fresh oysters.

This particular location is located not far from Savannah, on the most famous street on Tybee Island: Tybrisa street. 

This is very close to the Tybee pier, so you’ll be right on the coast. This will be the perfect place to enjoy all of those fresh oysters!

Bernie’s Oyster House on Tybee Island is the perfect place for oyster connoisseurs. All of the oysters are subject to availability, and the price will vary depending on the market price.

You can choose between ½ dozen oysters, a dozen oysters, or even a whole tub of oysters! 

What’s really great about the tub of oysters in this oyster bar is that you get to shuck them yourself.

Great if you want to really embrace the southern coastal living lifestyle! 

You also have the choice of customizing your oysters with some add ons, but they all come with horseradish, cocktail sauce, and crackers as standard. 

There are also fried oysters on the menu, not to mention plenty of other fresh seafood such as crab and shrimp.

There are also plenty of non-seafood related foods for those in the family who aren’t as big a fan of oysters as the rest of you. Which makes Bernie’s oyster bar the perfect choice for all the family.

Bernie’s Oyster House River Street

115 E River St, Savannah, Georgia 31401

Want to try out the Bernie’s Oyster House menu without traveling too far from the city center? The then River House location will be the restaurant for you.

The River Street restaurant is located in a building with some fascinating history, allowing you to enjoy the history of this wonderful city.

You’ll get the same fantastic choice of fresh oysters in the River Street location. Choose between lots of fresh, tasty seafood to satisfy your taste buds. You can enjoy the fresh oysters both raw and steamed.

Lots of customers were impressed by the tasty food as well as the attentive service. 

River House Seafood

125 W River St, Savannah, Georgia 31401

The River House Seafood restaurant in Savannah is located right on the waterfront, so you can enjoy superb views to go with the beautiful food.

This restaurant is the perfect location for special events of any kind. Sit back with your loved ones and enjoy the fine dining experience.

This restaurant is the perfect pick for those who are passionate about their seafood.

There are oysters on the menu, of course. You can enjoy a fried oyster platter or you can opt for the fried shrimp and oyster combo to indulge your shellfish cravings. 

River House Seafood restaurant also serves Rockefeller oysters, which will be the perfect choice if you want something more adventurous.

River House Seafood also serves a wide range of seafood dishes. There are plenty of Southern specialty dishes that will be perfect for every palate, regardless of personal taste. You can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect dishes to accompany your oysters in this Savannah restaurant.

For those in your party who aren’t big fans of seafood, there are plenty of other options, too. This makes River House Seafood a great pick for those who are passionate about oysters but don’t want to disappoint the fussy eaters in the family!

Savannah Seafood Shack

116 E Broughton St, Savannah, Georgia 31401

The Savannah Seafood Shack is the place to go if you’re passionate about your seafood. You’ll be spoilt for choice with all of the fried tempting treats on this menu!

Located in the heart of the historic Savannah district, you’ll be able to enjoy the tastiest seafood at affordable prices. So if you want to enjoy authentic fried seafood, the Savannah Seafood Shack is the place to be.

The only difficulty you’ll have in the Savannah Seafood Shack is choosing which oysters to opt for. There are so many different options to choose from!

You could opt for the fried oyster cone, a homemade waffle cone that’s then filled with a creamy coleslaw as well as fried oysters. 

Or perhaps a po’ boy sandwich takes your fancy? All of the po’ boy sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomatoes, garlic butter, mayo, and the creamy house sauce, all with fried oysters as the main feature.

You can have your favorite oysters in a tempting salad, too.

All of the salad dishes feature spring mix salad, which is then topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, and tasty oysters. You can also opt for the classic fried combo, too.

The oysters are hand battered and fried to perfection, and accompanied with the side of your choice. There is of course an abundance of other tempting seafood, too.

Another great feature of this particular restaurant is that they offer takeaway and delivery services. So you can enjoy all of your favorite seafood dishes without having to leave your home!

The Olde Pink House

23 Abercorn St, Savannah, Georgia, 31401

Located in Savannah’s Historic District, The Olde Pink House aims to deliver you a dining experience like no other, and will be the perfect place to satisfy all of your seafood cravings.

The Olde Pink House is just the place to go if you want to enjoy the best of Southern flavors. This restaurant specializes in giving you memorable dining experiences, making it the perfect place to try a variety of seafood.

There’s plenty of oysters on the menu in The Olde Pink House. This includes blackened, cornbread fried, as well as oysters on the half shell. Perfect if you want to try a variety of oysters to suit every palate! 

The Caesar salad comes with a shellfish twist, allowing you to add cornbread oysters as an additional extra. You can also opt for the fried shrimp and oysters to satisfy all of your shellfish cravings!

You’ll be able to find something to suit all the family here at The Olde Pink House. There is also a range of seafood dishes to accompany the classic oysters.

Not to mention a variety of non-seafood and vegetarian dishes to keep the whole family happy!

In summary

So there you have it! Now you know the best places to go in Savannah if you want to eat fresh oysters.

All of the restaurants we’ve highlighted above will be able to satisfy your seafood cravings, and get a taste of the ocean right to your plate.

Why not indulge in this coastal diet by trying all of the above restaurants?

Whether you prefer your oysters raw, fried, or with some added pizzazz, all the restaurants we’ve reviewed in more detail above will be perfect for you.