The 10 Best Chargrilled Oyster Recipes

The 10 Best Chargrilled Oyster Recipes

Chargrilling oysters is an excellent way of bringing out extra flavors and special tastes that you wouldn’t get when cooking them normally.

Because of how popular they are, there are thousands of different recipes when it comes to oyster dishes and it can be hard to try and find the best ones that suit your palette.

We’ve made a list of the ten best chargrilled oyster recipes to help narrow down the choices for you. By the end of the list, you’ll be itching to make your own dish!

Oyster Frittata

We all know how sweet, yet salty oysters can be, so why not pair them with hot pepper sauce to explode the flavors all into one massive incredible taste.

Adding some fresh basil, butter, and fresh oregano also gives this dish a wonderful aftertaste that will leave your tongue happier than you ever thought possible.

Taking around 30 minutes to cook and only including 11 ingredients, you’ll be left wondering if cooking oysters was ever this easy!

Oyster And Artichoke Stew

For those of you looking to add a bit more to the calorie department in your meals, this stew is perfect for those cold days when you’re stuck in the house, watching the rain patter on your window.

With 24 oysters, garlic, and ground cayenne pepper, you’ll be tasting a wide variety of different tones and flavors for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Taking around 105 minutes to prepare, you can be eating your oysters and all of their riches within a matter of hours.

Chargrilled Oysters Appetizer

With a special combination of flavors, including sriracha, minced garlic, and the oysters themselves, this appetizer finds a fine blend to keep you wanting more.

Easily turned into a main if you wish to have a bigger portion, these oysters include ingredients like cilantro and fresh lime juice to add a sharp, but rich taste that will make you count the seconds until the dish is ready to eat.

Taking around 40 minutes to prep and cook, this serving of 6 makes sure that the delight is shared between you, friends, and family.

Paprika And Garlic Chargrilled Oysters

Heading into the far eastern reaches of food cuisine, this Malaysian spin on oyster dishes makes for a rich meal full of taste and contrasting flavors. With ingredients like parsley, paprika, and seasoned garlic, this oyster dish leaves a juicy and briny taste on the tip of your tongue!

With only 54 calories per serving, your body will thank you for the healthy alternative. Depending on the size of your oysters, this dish should take you about 10 minutes to make!

New Orleans Grilled Oysters

Adding a classic spin onto a popular oyster dish, this recipe takes around 20 minutes in total and will make you feel like you’re eating at a classic New Orleans restaurant.

Combining ingredients like fresh lemon, dried oregano, and grated Parmesan and Romano cheeses makes this dish stand out as one of the tastiest on our list.

Serving around 6 people at a time, this meal will leave you wanting more to yourself and less to share around! With 437 calories per serving, you’ll feel guilty about this wonderfully tasty treat.

Chargrilled American Oysters

Putting an American twist on the seafood cuisine, this recipe uses 25 shucked oysters to bring together a wide variety of flavors using lemon, garlic, and brioche buns to fill your appetite.

Not to mention, these oysters go incredibly well on a steak if you’re feeling extra hungry for a larger portion. Taking around 10 minutes, all in all, this recipe will have you eating oysters faster than you can say ‘seafood’!

Compound Butter Oysters

Using around a dozen oysters, this East Coast-inspired dish allows you to choose between garlic-parsley butter, kimchi butter, or Parmesan-basil butter for a creamy and rich experience.

Using seaweed or some kosher salt is also a great way to keep the dish infused with the ocean’s salts and tones. Serving 2 to 3 people in one sitting, this recipe takes around half an hour to make, which means that you’ll be sat eating oysters before you know it! 

Korean Style Barbecue Oysters

Coming from a completely different angle, this dish is able to add a good amount of Asian flavors to your palette and ensure that you’re able to see oysters in a whole new light.

Including features like fresh ginger, cloves or garlic, and black bean puree, you’re able to experience an oyster dish like never before!

With a total time of around an hour, you’ll struggle to find a dish on this list that shows as much time and effort like this one. Not to mention, this dish yields 24 oysters! Wow!

Oysters With Red Pepper Butter

Coming straight out of Boston, this oyster dish uses black pepper, sliced chives, and paprika to make a wonderful combination of flavors that dances on your plate.

With a total making time of around 90 minutes, this recipe will be fun to make for you and anyone else you wish to join you.

Once again, 24 oysters are the yield from this method and will have enough food to fill anyone up with a rumbling belly. The red peppers have a sweet and rich taste that pairs beautifully with soft butter. 

Garlic Butter Oysters

When it comes to having some sort of strong flavor to pair up with your oysters, garlic is one of the best ways to go and will make you satisfied with your creation.

Because this recipe uses garlic butter, you can let the garlic melt all over the oysters, leaving you drooling over the thought of consuming these bad boys.

Serving two people as a starter before the main course, these oysters offer something different with regard to portion size. Taking around 25 minutes to make, you can expect these sizzling beauties to be a great introduction to any three-course meal.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the perfect chargrilled oyster dish, there are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about finding the perfect recipe for you. This can come down to whether you prefer to have a smaller, easier-to-make dish or whether you like having large quantities of food.

Because of the wide range of origins on our list, you can choose anything from garlic to red pepper and fresh lemon as the key feature. It’s all about complementing the oysters as best you can!

What are you waiting for? Find some fresh oysters and start experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chargrilled Oysters Healthy?

Chocked full of Omega 3 fatty acids, oysters definitely have their health benefits. Combine these with high levels of protein, iron, calcium, and a plethora of other features and you’ll find that oysters are actually quite healthy!

Are Charbroiled Oysters Fully Cooked?

They are fully cooked, in fact, you have to wait for their temperatures to drop before eating because they’re so hot you’ll burn yourself!

How Do You Eat Chargrilled Oysters?

It’s always best to start by loosening the oyster. There is usually a small fork dedicated to this specific purpose so that it is not attached to the outer shell. Bring the oyster toward your mouth, angle slightly, and enjoy the goodness!