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Bring Your Appetite

Welcome to Oyster-town!! It is exciting to gather and serve the world’s tastiest oysters at our waterfront restaurant, Boss Oyster, located on the beautiful Apalachicola River. We have our very own oyster-men who take pride in the selection, proper harvesting and safe handling of the Apalachicola Bay Oysters we serve fresh. It takes a tough person to harvest a tasty oyster. Our private oyster harvesting boat called BOSS OYSTER (what else?) is one-of-a-kind and has an on-board refrigeration as prescribed and monitored by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Commission. Your oysters are chilled, from bay-to-belly.

We are honored to have a third generation oyster harvester who is one of just two harvesters currently certified by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Commission. Your oysters are gathered, chilled on board and taken directly to our docks where they are washed and refrigerated. NO ROAD TIME HERE!! A chilled oyster is a happy oyster and a happy oyster is a tasty oyster. Come to Oyster-town in Apalachicola, Florida THE OYSTER CAPITAL. At Oyster-town Your Oyster is Our World.

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Eat Overlooking the Water

At Boss Oyster, we take pride in serving local Gulf seafood. As well as our oyster passion our locally caught Grouper is guaranteed never frozen. There is a difference. We have delicious non seafood entrees for when THE BIG ONE GETS AWAY.